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Watertown Historical Walking Tours

Coming Fall 2020

New Rep has partnered with the Watertown Public Library and the Historical Society of Watertown to bring to you two different Watertown Historical Walking Tours!

Each walking tour will be led by a New Rep artist cast as a true historical figure from Watertown. One tour will focus on Black History in Watertown, with the script written by local playwright Ken Green. The other tour will focus on Indigenous History in Watertown, with the script written by Miranda Adekoje.

“We are so excited to bring these walking tours to our Watertown and New Rep communities. It’s heartbreaking to not be able to produce the shows we had scheduled for the MainStage this fall, and to not see our audiences’ smiling faces in the MCA every day. The historical walking tours give us an opportunity to safely interact with our community, give you all something unique to do, and uplift the stories of our local Black and Indigenous histories.”

Michael J. Bobbitt

Tickets will range from $15-$20, and will be available for sale online. Tour dates and other final details are coming soon, so be sure you’re on our email list for the most up-to-date information!