Story Submission Project

Quarantine Creatives

See your story come to (digital) life! New Rep has requested that our community members of all ages share with us a story from their experiences during COVID-19. Select submissions are sent to a local playwright and converted into a script, then acted and recorded by a New Rep artist.

Any questions should please be sent to jaclyndentino@newrep.org.

The Not-knowing part

Based on a story submitted by Jes Ellis
Script written by Ken Green
Directed by Peter Sampieri
Acted by Courtney Beth Plati

a place to tap

Based on a story submitted by Ellen Peterson
Script written by Patrick Gabridge
Director/Editor/Ellen: Shanelle Chloe Villegas
Joel: Sharmarke Yusuf
Camera Operator #1: Wesley Thomas
Camera Operator #2: Kalee Burrows