About New Rep


New Repertory Theatre produces plays that speak powerfully to the vital ideas of our time.

Core Values


We believe that Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism and Access is an ACT OF LOVE and aspire to be a predominantly multicultural theatre company because we know that our differences are our greatest strengths.


We believe that the stories we tell on our stages must reflect the aspirations and concerns of the diverse communities and cultures we seek to serve. We believe that inclusive communities spark wide-ranging, exploratory conversations and learning.


We believe our efforts to exceed the ordinary speak powerfully to our community and of their value to us.

About Us

Founded in 1984, New Rep is an award-winning professional theater located on the historic Arsenal on the Charles campus, a vibrant cultural hub in Watertown, Massachusetts featuring ample free parking and restaurant dining.

Indigenous Peoples’ Land Recognition

All teaching and learning takes place on Indigenous Lands. We are coming to you from a place originally called Pigsgusset, which means Meadows At The Widening Of The River.  Now referred to as Watertown, this land is the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Pequossette Band of the Massachusett Tribe.  While Pigsgusset is a rendering of the name, according to spelling by English colonial settlers, and we do not know the original pronunciation according to the First Peoples of the land, we make this acknowledgement to offer recognition and respect to the original inhabitants of this place, especially since the Indigenous history of Watertown has been mostly erased. New Repertory Theatre commits to supporting Indigenous peoples and their cultures by hiring and supporting artists who are Indigenous. 

Michael J. Bobbitt & Dr. Mishy Lesser

Performance & Outreach

In residence at the Mosesian Center for the Arts, New Rep stages contemporary and classic plays and musicals, including world premieres, that awaken the heart, challenge the mind, and expand the human spirit. We mount productions in two fully accessible performance spaces: the state-of-the-art 340-seat MainStage Theater and the intimate 90-seat BlackBox Theater, which provide excellent views from every seat.

Connection & Exploration

New Rep embraces theatre as the basis for enduring connections with our community. Through entertaining, innovative, and thought-provoking live theatre performed at the highest standards of excellence, we seek to spark community conversations about the crucial issues of the day. Our Spotlight Symposium Series and Post-Show Talk-Abouts provide opportunities for audiences of all ages and backgrounds to explore a play’s themes with esteemed experts and seasoned dramaturgs.

Advocacy & Action

New Rep has long been an active advocate for the arts and a major voice in the national dialogue defining the role of theater in our culture. Under the bold new leadership of Artistic Director Michael J. Bobbitt, New Rep is now at the vanguard of a momentous drive to develop anti-racist theater practices in the Greater Boston community. We aim to create an authentic sense of belonging for artists and audiences alike. Learn more about our commitment to IDEA.

Featured Image: Fiddler on the Roof - Photo Credit: Andrew Brilliant