Post-Show Talk-Abouts

At New Rep, our mission is to produce plays that speak powerfully to the vital ideas of our time, and we want your voice to be part of that conversation!

Join us after the performance to discuss the play with members of our staff, the cast, and/or the community. These conversations will expand your experience with the play as we think about how its themes, ideas, and performance speak to the vital ideas of our time.

Formly known as“talkbacks”, we are excited about using language that promotes connection rather than subconsciously separating artists from audience.

Series 8, 9, 14, and 20 include a talk-about after every performance

You can also attend our Spotlight Symposium Series to further explore ideas related to the play and how they impact our world with area academics and experts.

Keep the discussion going after the play by using these hashtags on social media throughout the season:


Featured Photo: Obehi Janice in THE GIFT HORSE. Photo by Andrew Brilliant / Brilliant Pictures.