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a drama by Molière
a new version by Constance Congdon
from a literal translation by Virginia Scott
Directed by Adam Zahler**
JAN 16 - FEB 10/2008

Aghast and appalled by the current conventions of the hypocritical society that surrounds him, the self-righteous Alceste vows to speak with nothing but total honesty. Unfortunately, he is blinded by love and falls for the vain coquette Célimène, who embodies all that he despises. Despite his pleas to the contrary, Célimène continues to receive suitors, creating the perfect breeding ground for jealousy and gossip in Molière’s intelligent and sharply written comedy, The Misanthrope.

” …surely the best translation of Molière ever done into English.”

Photo: Amy Russ and James Lloyd Reynolds. Photo by Andrew Brilliant/Brilliant Pictures