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a drama by David Mamet
Directed by Robert Walsh**
OCT 18 - NOV 8/2009

It’s a money-hungry business.

Speed-the-Plow exposes the greedy and opportunistic world of doing business. When an ambitious woman comes between two long-time friends, she threatens to derail the greenlighting of their surefire screenplay. In the business of making movies, we quickly learn that money talks, sex sells, and doing the right thing can be professional suicide. Coming off of a much-discussed, successful Broadway run, this 85-minute, hard-hitting play, by one of America’s most revered writers, will have you questioning who your friends are and where your alliances lie.

“Mamet’s clearest, wittiest play.”
– The New York Daily News

“What makes Speed-the-Plow so exciting is its power to define and destroy an entire self-contained world through the tools and weapons of spoken words…”
– The New York Times

Photo: Gabriel Kuttner and Robert Pemberton. Photo by Andrew Brilliant/ Brilliant Pictures

Running Time: 90 minutes, with no intermission