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a comedy by Steve Martin
Directed by Daniel Gidron**
APR 19 - MAY 10/2009

A new century, a new era…what will the future hold?

The year is 1904. The city is Paris. It is the age of the Belle Époque.  Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein cross paths at a bar, the Lapin Agile.  Both men are young and on the verge of a breakthrough.  They are ignited by the possibilities the future holds for them and their discoveries.  But will this new century be one that esteems the arts, or will it choose science?  Over the course of an evening, a motley crew, with the help of a mysterious visitor, erupt in a hilarious debate over the value of art as a science and science as an art. Who is right?  Whose name will be written the biggest in the stars decades from now?  Steve Martin brilliantly tackles these questions and more in his award-winning comedy, where philosophy and humor are seamlessly woven together in this surreal encounter of two great minds.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile is Martin’s poker-faced-and very funny-riff on the birth of the modern century.”

Steve Martin is a gifted screenplay writer, and, as Picasso demonstrated, a smart, facile thinker with a serious reach.”

Photo: The Cast of “Picasso At The Lapin Agile”. Photo by Andrew Brilliant/ Brilliant Pictures