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a drama by Athol Fugard
Directed by Chris Jorie
FEB 22 - MAR 15/2009

He’s dying of unimportance.

Engulfed in a world defined by the division of apartheid, a young man, addressed only as “the Playwright,” prepares an arrogant and aging star for the evening’s performance of Oedipus Rex. The Playwright struggles to find his voice, and the actor confronts his fear of no longer being admired, needed or wanted. As they debate, the pair find themselves at odds about why art matters and the extent of its impact on the world.

“It movingly speaks of theater’s potential to shape lives in enduring ways, even as it acknowledges the evanescence of the art form.”

“Knifelike power… [Fugard] can say more with a single line than most playwrights convey in an entire script.”

Photo: Ross MacDonald and Will Lyman. Photo by Andrew Brilliant/ Brilliant Pictures