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a comedy by Lee Blessing
Directed by Doug Lockwood
Black Box Theater
NOV 25 - DEC 16/2012

This playful and smart comedy explores the age-old questions, “What is art?”, “Who decides which art is worthy?”, and “What kind of art deserves public funding?” A liberal, provocative performance artist at odds with a conservative southern senator hatches a plot to kidnap the senator’s beloved dog hoping to squelch threats of National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) funding cuts. When a twist of fate brings these nemeses together, chaos ensues and karma bites back. Called “eloquent” by Variety, Chesapeake gives new meaning to the term “man’s best friend.”

“If we could only relate man-to-man as we do dog-to-dog, things might be a lot more pleasant.”

Photo: Georgia Lyman. Photo by Christopher McKenzie