Go even deeper into the world of the play with PAGE TO STAGE! Over five sessions, participants will learn about all aspects of theatrical producing, including story approach, the collaborative design process, character development between actor and director,incorporation of technical elements, and effectively connecting with audiences.

With Associate Artistic Director Bridget Kathleen O’Leary and other New Rep teaching artists, including Artistic Director Jim Petosa, participants will expand their understanding of the artistry involved in each element of the creative process, leading up to a successful opening night.

The Gift Horse – Wednesday evenings 6-7:30pm
March 29 – May 3 (with no class on April 26)

Week 1 –Engaging with the Text
In this week students will decide how to approach the play’s story.  Why stage this play now?  We will focus on the historical, dramaturgical, and current context of the play.  Is the play set in the present or past?  Is the playwright dead or alive?  Is this a new play or a revival?

Week 2 – Pre Production:  Creating the world of the play
Focusing on the collaborative design process, students will dig into the different processes that connect design elements to the world of the play.  Are there preferred techniques? How do we assemble the best team for each production?  How do designers approach their process?  This class we will be asked to be creative and think about the play as a designer.

Week 3 – Acting
This week we will look at the craft of acting.  How do actors prepare, study and approach different roles?  What do you look for in a performance? Students will once again have the chance to look at some scenes to help get a better understanding of an actor’s job.  This week we will be joined by a member of the cast.

Week 4 – Directing
The rehearsal hall is a place of discovery.  In this class we will talk about the role of the director and  how he/she works to shape the production.  How can we bring it all together for a cohesive vision that tells the story and engages audiences more deeply.

Week 5 – Critical Engagement
What happens when we bring the audience into the discovery process?  What is the role of the audience and what can we do to deepen their engagement with the text?  How do you talk about theater critically? In this class we will focus on taking all of the information we’ve gathered over the previous 5 weeks and put it into perspective.  This class we will be joined by New Rep’s Artistic Director Jim Petosa.

In addition to the conversations we will be having in class, New Repertory Theatre offers complimentary Insider Experiences to the public.  These events are meant to deepen your engagement with our productions, but also to help you get to know us a little better too.  For our productions we welcome guests to join us for the First Rehearsal which typically happens on Tuesdays in the early evenings. We also host a Sneak Peek into the rehearsal process on the last Wednesday evenings of the rehearsal process which begins at 6:30pm.

To learn more about PAGE TO STAGE or to register, call Bridget Kathleen O’Leary at 617-923-7060 x8204.

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