Our Donors

Thank you to our generous and passionate donors who help to foster New Rep’s work and mission!

New Repertory Theatre enthusiasts enjoy a collective communal experience, reflecting who we are as a society. Experiencing theatre as a community provides a vehicle for thoughtful conversation about topical ideas within diverse audiences, helping to develop the next generation of theatre-goers.

Your gift helps New Rep consistently deliver the highest quality of regional theatre. Being well-funded allows us to develop new plays, hire and house the most gifted actors, design and build the most creative scenery and costumes, provide educational opportunities, and develop new audiences. Here are some examples of your gift at work:

Your Annual Gift TRANSFORMS

$50,000 helps produce our Next Rep World Premiere
$25,000 helps support three productions in the Next Rep Black Box Festival
$15,000 sends Classic Repertory Company to 6 underserved Boston-area schools
$10,000 provides opportunity to program larger-scale, larger-casted plays
$5,000 sends 340 students to a Weekday Matinee performance at no cost
$2500 provides stipends for professional actors in our Next Voices New Play Reading Series
$1500 provides audio description at one performance of Classic Repertory Company
$1000 pays for two custom-designed and hand-built costumes for a mainstage play
$750 provides a scholarship to one student to participate in summerSTAGE2
$500 provides one week’s wages and benefits for one actor

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