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New Rep’s flagship educational outreach program, tours professional productions of classic and modern works of relevant literature to schools, colleges, and community
centers throughout New England. CLASSIC REPERTORY COMPANY’s 2013-2014
Season productions feature 90-minute adaptations of Charles Dickens’ GREAT

The touring productions include every aspect of the theatrical production: the cast, crew, set, costumes, props, and sound. In addition, CRC provides study guides and post-performance talk-back discussions with the cast. Further, CRC offers theatrical workshops allowing audiences to expand their understanding of literature, text, language, and collaboration.


Great Expectations

The story of Pip who rises from poverty to wealth and is humbled by his own arrogance when he falls for the cold, manipulative Estella. One of Charles Dickens’ finest stories.

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”


In one of William Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies, follow the chaos and passion of four love-struck youth as they find their way through the forest and to each other, while overcoming the obstacles of the fairies and the will of the Duke.

“Lord what fools these mortals be.”

Discounts available to organizations that book both plays!

The 2013-2014 CLASSIC REPERTORY COMPANY members are:

Lorne Batman
Jared Brown
David Keohane
Celia Pain
Marc Pierre
Rebecca Sands
Julia Schonberg
Simon Pringle-Wallace

CRC bios and headshots coming soon.


Whether New Rep’s Classical Repertory Company comes to you, or your group visits New Rep’s Student Matinee Performances at our theatres in Watertown, MA, we offer a variety of educational workshops to enhance the theatre experience.

Workshop 1:

Participants will learn to embody the language of Shakespeare by understanding the importance the Bard gives to image, gut response, emotional content, and clarity of thought. Through scene study and practical exercise, participants will gain greater understanding of Shakespeare’s texts.

Workshop 2:

In a “marathon” approach, participants will create an original piece of live theatre. In collaboration, the group will brainstorm/pick a topic, discuss/choose a theme, and develop a story line with characters, culminating in a short play.

Workshop 3:

Our Classic Repertory Company can help design a specific workshop experience to support your curriculum or audience needs.

Contact Jeannette Belcher-Schepis for prices, dates, & information:

Call 617-923-7060 x206

Classic Repertory Company (formerly New Rep On Tour), now in its 14th Season, has performed for over 88,000 students. Classic Repertory Company's mission is to bring high quality professional productions of relevant plays from the dramatic and literary canon to area schools. This program features the talents of some of the finest professional artists from the Boston area. Each season, these artists create two live theatrical touring productions of significant dramatic literature and bring them to Middle Schools and High Schools throughout Massachusetts. This is New Rep's flagship educational outreach program, last year performing for over 14,000 students in 45 schools. The performances are supported with co-curricular activities, including study guides, workshops, and post-performance discussions.

Huck FinnStewart Evan Smith, Elizabeth Rimar, and David Lutheran in
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Photo by Christopher McKenzie.

What teachers and students are saying about our Classic Repertory Company:

"Many of our students have never seen a live play before and this experience was so important and beneficial for them."
- A teacher from the Nathaniel Bowditch Elementary School

"Having [Classic Repertory Company] visit our school was a nice alternative to our going to the theatre—it allowed us to hold morning classes so that students didn’t have to miss a full day—so important with MCAS on our minds."
- High School teacher about The Diary of Anne Frank

"Your play has opened my eyes to look beyond words and understand the play."
- 7th grade student about Hamlet

To learn more, watch the video below:

For more information about scheduling a performance in your school,
call 617-923-7060 x204, or e-mail

Funded in part by generous individual contributors, Procter and Gamble,
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Target Stores, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Roy A. Hunt Foundation, Fuller Foundation, Watertown/Harvard Enrichment Fund, Highland Street Foundation, and the Foundation for MetroWest.

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