Jared Bowen on ‘Becoming Dr. Ruth’

“Jared describes “Becoming Dr. Ruth” as ‘a dynamic deep dive into a woman who had every reason to give up on life, but instead taught so many how to live it.’”

Broadway World on “Becoming Dr. Ruth”

“Anne O’Sullivan reaches through the fourth wall to grab our attention with warmth and Ruth’s indomitable joie de vivre.”

TheaterMirror on “Becoming Dr. Ruth”

“I entered the theater expecting to learn more about a likeable acquaintance, and left it feeling like I’d just discovered a dear, dear friend.”

JewishBoston on “Becoming Dr. Ruth”

“‘Becoming Dr. Ruth’ is profound for the story it tells. It is also a moving meditation on what it means to survive the worst of times and finally find a home. “

Boston Arts Diary on “Becoming Dr. Ruth”

“Informative, engaging with its gentle humor, the play is an interesting tribute to an unexpected American celebrity…”

The Boston Globe on ‘Cardboard Piano’

“‘Cardboard Piano’ still manages to achieve a potent resonance, due in no small part to the fact that the play focuses so intently, and laudably, on the destructive impact and lingering wounds caused by homophobia.”

Broadway World on ‘Cardboard Piano’

“Director Benny Sato Ambush (The Whipping Man, Thurgood) is the right man for the job as he focuses attention squarely on the human strengths and frailties that drive the actions of the characters.”

TheaterMirror on ‘Cardboard Piano’

“Scenic Designer Jon Savage, Lighting Designer Scott Pinkney and Sound Designer Dewey Dellay contribute greatly to the verisimilitude of the Ugandan township, where child soldiers and anti-homosexual laws can tragically co-exist.”

The ArtFuse on ‘Cardboard Piano’

“…the New Repertory Theatre’s New England premiere production of Cardboard Piano is of real interest. “

Boston Theatre Wings on ‘Cardboard Piano’

“By analogy, this thoughtful play asks, will understanding and compassion repair a Uganda torn apart by bigotry and violence?”