Boston Theater Examiner on OLEANNA

“An engaging and challenging work…This is theater that provokes high emotions and, with any luck, conversations.”

TheaterMirror on OLEANNA

“Excellent…deftly directed by Elaine Vaan Hogue. Davenport and Janice give two intense, finely tuned performances.”

Broadway World on OLEANNA

“Featuring Johnny Lee Davenport and Obehi Janice, two of Boston’s finest actors, New Rep’s production of Oleanna is a searing enactment …important and timely… it gives you plenty to think about on the ride home and,…

South Shore Critic on OLEANNA

“Any appearance by Obehi Janice or Johnny Lee Davenport automatically qualifies as worthy theater; an appearance by these two fine actors on the same stage makes for must-see theater.”

The Boston Globe on OLEANNA

“At a time when the issues of sexual harassment and assault (including on college campuses) are on the front burner of public attention, Oleanna could hardly be more timely.”

Broadway World on IDEATION

“Ideation is an attention-grabber, smartly written and surprisingly funny… and will keep you guessing.”

Talkin’ Broadway on IDEATION

“Genuinely funny… Loeb’s text nimbly toggles from laugh-out-loud, quick-witted humor to morbid beats that are sobering for audience and characters alike. The small ensemble cast carries this energy skillfully.”

South Shore Critic on IDEATION

“Brilliantly clever… hysterically involving.”

WGBH’s Jared Bowen on IDEATION

“A fascinating piece… an exceptional ensemble that draws us deep into absurdity, hilarity, and a heavy heart of darkness.”


“Relentlessly smart and probing… How great is the horror that can be masked with euphemism? And moreover, how far will people trust institutional structures and professional norms when those are in conflict with their more elemental…