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Broadway World on CAMELOT

“[Erica] Spyres is transcendent and rises to another plane with her ability to show Guenevere’s struggle… Her watershed scene with Lancelot is likely to cause you to shed some water over her heartbreak.”


“Crackling acting, inventive sets, and a strong ensemble prove that CAMELOT,  like Arthur says of Merlyn, ‘doesn’t age, but youthens’ with the right production, and the New Rep may be onto something good.”

On Boston Stages on CAMELOT

“The New Rep take is a winning production that does the show justice, thanks greatly to the charm of its principals and the focus on the love triangle that is at the heart of the show.”

Theater Mirror on CAMELOT

“Award-winning actress Erica Spyres as Guenevere captivates in every scene, with her youthful capriciousness, mischievous roaming eye, yet tender devotion to Arthur.”

RANCHO MIRAGE Review: Boston Arts Diary

“This is a very funny play but its subtext is serious, and it manages, despite its hilarity, to hold its dramatic feel through the laughs. The direction is superb.”

RANCHO MIRAGE Review: Boston Arts Review

“New Rep’s talented actors know how to deliver funny lines and they give it their all… Lewis D. Wheeler brings a nifty Noel Coward style to the piece and Robert Pemberton, a jovial cynicism.”

RANCHO MIRAGE Review: EdgeBoston

“Steven Dietz’s new play, currently at the New Rep as part of its ‘rolling world premiere,’ has some serious thinking behind it and some hilarious moments… this production looks and sounds fantastic.”

RANCHO MIRAGE Review: Talkin’ Broadway

“There’s something for everyone, including financial ruin, foreign adoption, spoiled children, infidelity, envy and hurt feelings, to mention just a few… RANCHO MIRAGE  is totally entertaining.”

Watch THE ELEPHANT MAN featured on WGBH’s Open Studio with Jared Bowen!

The New Rep / THE ELEPHANT MAN segment begins at 13:58 in the video above!