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CRC performs at Perkins School for the Blind, Oct 23!

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“I don’t see how this play can leave you unscathed…it’s deeply compelling… I find it a really worthy and enduring piece of theater.”

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“Joseph Carey Merrick lived much of his life shunned by society and died in London more than a century ago, but his story might hold lessons for the modern American health care system.”

The Boston Globe on THE KITE RUNNER

“As we rose from our seats after the opening-night performance of New Repertory Theatre’s THE KITE RUNNER, my companion exhaled three words: ‘What a journey.’”

The Boston Globe on AMADEUS

“Weighty stuff. Yet a prime virtue of the New Rep’s robust production, directed with brio by Jim Petosa, is that it reminds us what a ripping good yarn AMADEUS is…”

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