The White Rhino Report on OUR LADY

“Stunning… 100% heart-felt and gripping… OUR LADY has emerged to offer hope and redemption.”

New Rep receives 4 IRNE awards!

MetroWest Daily News on TONGUE OF A BIRD

“The five actresses… bring skill and talent to their roles. [Ilyse] Robbins perfectly conveys the heartbreaking struggle between hopefulness and rapidly encroaching fear.”

Boston Arts Review on TONGUE OF A BIRD

“There is so much to absorb in the play, so much which reverberates, resonates… There’s lovely dialogue about the everyday joys children don’t remember when they grow up that I would like to hear again.”

South Shore Critic on TONGUE OF A BIRD

“Thanks to the talent of a remarkable quintet of fine actresses, ranging in vintage from a sixth grader to an artistic veteran… [TONGUE OF A BIRD] soars.”

The Boston Globe on THE WHIPPING MAN

“An unflinching exploration, in vivid close-up, of slavery’s legacy…[Johnny Lee] Davenport…delivers a performance with the gravitas, moral weight, and power to move us that we’ve come to expect from this fine actor.”

Joyce’s Choices on THE WHIPPING MAN

“And then there’s the astonishing Johnny Lee Davenport, who brings yet another nuanced performance to a solid repertoire of powerful, good men laid low by circumstance, but who loom large by virtue of their abiding humanity.”

The Jewish Journal on THE WHIPPING MAN

“The finest theater experience makes us think, feel and debate. We gain some new insights into ourselves and others, and maybe learn a new fact or two… THE WHIPPING MAN… is just such a play.”

MetroWest Daily News on THE WHIPPING MAN

“Davenport is often very moving, particularly during a scene in which he announces Lincoln’s assassination and describes having met him. His voice is rich and beautiful not only when he speaks but also as he sings…”

Announcing 2014-2015, Our 30th Anniversary Season